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What is One Lab?

Modern Software to run your Diagnostic Laboratory

Effectively running a laboratory requires the right tools to manage compliance with work processes and productivity. When a laboratory operates as a standalone business, not as a support function of a manufacturing operation, additional complexities must be considered.

That’s why OneHealth offers an end-to-end laboratory management solution specifically designed for diagnostic labs. Our OneLab platform offers a diagnostics digital lab management software that is fully customized to meet the needs of diagnostic laboratories.


Minimum Errors

Workflow automation that leads to a decrease in possible human errors by eliminating entry of data.

Sample Management

OneLab manages detailed and accurate records of each sample and stores it securely, thus eliminating loss of data as it moves between the departments.

Improve Quality

Easy configuration to ensure compatibility with customer requirements and adaptability to the evolving laboratory needs.

Test Management

OneLab allows you to manage the test conducted on the batch of samples, enables easy entry of the results, tracking approval/validation of results, and generation of reports.

Appointments & Visits

Schedule an appointment View details about future appointments or cancel appointments you no longer need.

Report & Dashboard

OneLab allows you to generate reports including sample tracking, sample summary, inventory, system configuration, test results, invoices, instrument calibration, etc.



Sample Management

Sample management is one of the critical functions. OneLab manages detailed and accurate records of each sample and stores it securely.

Inventory Management

The inventory management function of OneLab is an essential part of a laboratory ‘s day-to-day management.

Test Management

OneLab helps standardize testing workflows while providing complete and accurate control of the testing process.


Reporting is an essential part of OneLab that enables a laboratory to achieve an entire view of data collected and potential trends, reducing reporting overhead of the laboratory.


Sample management wherein a user can efficiently track samples through the laboratory and allocate storage locations that mimic the sample storage hierarchy.

Workflow automation that leads to a decrease in human errors by eliminating manual entry of data.

Secure and restricted access to the data leading to better data privacy and protection. Easy data backup options, resolving data accessibility issues. User-role based access distribution to mirror the real-time laboratory personnel hierarchy.

Ease of reporting wherein an authorized user can quickly generate reports pertaining to various tests performed, and data required for auditing and quick analysis.

Streamlined billing process by generating invoices and integrating with the various payment gateways.


Easy configuration to ensure compatibility with customer requirements and adaptability to the evolving laboratory needs.

Seamless tracking of a sample's lifecycle, right from sample accessioning, storage, sample tests, to permanent disposal of samples.

between OneLab, OneRecord and OneDoctor via flexible integration facility.

Scalable and flexible to meet the present-day needs and also the future needs of a laboratory No need for expensive hardware purchase and IT personnel making it affordable for small to medium- size laboratory. Quick deployment makes your laboratory up and running quickly. Server backups and disaster recovery mechanisms help get you quickly up to speed in the eventuality of a man-made or natural disaster.


Receptionist at labarotary welcomes John and registers him/her for the test. The receptionist assigns a unique id to John connecting it with the john’s OneRecord.

John goes to the technician who takes the sample and barcodes it. Interfacing of devices with OneLab minimizes the risk of human error in feeding data.

John is given a time and date by when the test report will be ready. John comes home and the sample is sent for processing after OneLab decision support system determines which batch to put it under.

Report is published and john is automatically alerted to view his report on onehealth app. John’s one record gets updated for the doctor to review his report. In which case john directly goes to the consulting doctor who logs onto his computer with One- Doctor and accesses the laboratory findings.



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