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What is One Doctor?

Empowering your practise to concentrate on what's most critical – your patients

applications from OneHealth make critical patient information available when it matters most. As the healthcare industry continues to change, clinicians are required to do more in less time. Providers need intuitive clinical solutions that streamline their workflows and drive efficiencies, so they can spend more time with patients.


Streamline Records

The OneRecord application streamlines the display of information and allow the doctors to review and manage the data.

Simplify Notes

Note empowers the doctor to enter the context of a patient's record and to view a list of current and previous notes.

Prescribe E-Medication

Efficiently manage prescriptions and help your patients get medications they need faster.

Link Lab Receive

Seamlessly exchange information with laboratories, scanning centres and receive results directly in your records.

Appointments & Visits

Schedule an appointment and view details about future appointments or cancel appointments you no longer need.

Connect Online

OneConnect helps you create a superior end-to-end patient experience, get found online, communicate with patients.



Online Directory Improve your online presence with OneHealth online directory directory.

Online Provider Profile Get found online. Your online provider profile is the first thing potential patients look at when evaluating a healthcare provider and OneHealth makes sure you shine!

Online Scheduling With your online provider profile, patients can book appointments directly.

Patient Intake Say goodbye to clutter, confusion of paper forms and manual data entry! With online patient intake, digital consent forms and digital patient intake, critical patient information and signatures are captured prior to the patient visit.

Automated Appointment Reminders space the hands of your office staff by automating appointment reminders. OneHealth provides text, email and phone reminders to ensure patients show up for their appointments.

At Visit

Time of Service Collections Collect patient co-payments at check-in. Email/print itemized payment receipts with OneHealth's integrated billing app.

Charting Made Easy Create visit notes right from your dashboard. Save time charting by utilizing templates from OneHealth's template library.

Easy - E-Prescribing & Integrated Prescription Discount Tool Save time and eliminate phone calls for you and your staff with electronic prescribing day.

Convenient - E-Labs Automate inefficient paper- based processes with OneHealth's OneLab solutions. Send lab orders electronically and receive lab results in the patient's portal OneRecord.

OneConnect OneHealth offers built-in telehealth functionality so you can see your patients over a secure video with full reimbursement for follow-up and minor urgent care.

Post Visit

Electronic super bills Create a superbill with just few clicks to avoid entering wrong charges or manual charges in customer invoice.

Mobile Messaging You can engage with your patients outside your office by using OneHealth's mobile app.

Secure Patient Portal With OneHealth's secure patient portal, you can share health information and communicate with patients at any time.

Streamline Patient Engagement With OneHealth you can send surveys to patients post visit and publish reviews online to boost your online profile.


Sarah is a doctor in a private practice. To treat her patients efficiently, she had to go through patient’s medical records in large files which patients brought, that was time consuming and frustrating and moreover she did not get all the information she needed. Due to lack of proper access to patient’s medical history she is unable to provide the best medical care she knew she could. She used to feel unhappy and stressed with the practice which is not up to her higher standard.

Sarah came to know about OneHealth APP which is a comprehensive Medical APP. She subscribed to the APP and got access to the medical records and history of her patients, which empowers Sarah to provide an exceptional medical care to the patients, the medical care which patients deserve.

With an easy to use interface OneDoctor is intuitive easy to implement in just few minutes every member of Sarah’s staff knew how to use it. She scaled it to fit the needs and size of her practice and specialty. Patient profiles that were scattered are now all in one place.

OneDoctor helped Sarah to solve her problems and make it easier to help her focus on helping patients.



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